We work with some awesome companies and are very proud to support their businesses. Take a look at our examples and if you are wowed, amazed and generally flabbergasted contact us...

Our work varies so much from client to client but below are a few examples of how we are currently helping people, and examples of how we can help you too. 

Please note that although these client examples are real we don't disclose our past or current client names. If you ever feel you need proof of our fantastical skills we would be more than happy to get permission of one of our current clients to give you an up to date testimonial.

Client 1

This client is a Co Founder of a medium scale start-up based in London. With their busy schedule they struggled to cope with an ever expanding inbox. No two inbox's are the same and everyone has their own habits, traits and quirks. At JamPot we take every admin task seriously and an inbox is usually the lifeblood of a startup. By clearing out junk, sorting out relevant and useful emails into folders we soon ordered their inbox into something a librarian would be proud of. Client 1 can now get on with more important tasks instead of worrying about those pesky email.

We are now on hand to manage this going forward and we can now keep an eye out for anything urgent...inbox guardians if you will.  

Client 1 is no anomaly and inbox management is one of the more popular services we offer. 

Client 2

Sometimes sales can be tricky, and even if you are a sales superstar sometimes you don't have enough time to get out there and drum up business. Client 2 was a perfect example of someone who just didn't have enough time. We stepped in, and after a meeting in London we took over their outreach for new customers, focussing on maximising any initial contact.

Now when someone signs up to their website we are there to give them a call which has proved to be invaluable.  

Client 3

Several clients have come to us with CRM woes. Each client is different and there are lots of great CRMs out there. So far we have great experience with Hubspot and Pipedrive both of which we have learnt on the job but are now beginning to master. 

On top of the CRM management we respond to sales enquiries that come in via email marketing and website live chats. 

Client 4

Social media in recent years has got a pretty bad rep, but at JamPot we see the positives, especially when it comes to businesses. Each platform has its pros and cons and each can reach your target audience in a different way. Client 4 came to us wanting to increase interaction with their competition on Instagram. It had been a few weeks since launch and entries had stagnated. We assessed the situation and came to a solution with the client, which we then enacted. In 3 days we doubled the entries which was even for our standards a wonderful achievement.

Social media can be a bit of a minefield and at JamPot we like to take the stress out of it. We can manage all sorts of platforms from Instagram to Twitter and beyond. We can also look into bespoke solutions and even look at growing your account. Social media shouldn't be a chore or an obstacle to your business and that's where we come in. 

Client 5

Client 5 is a perfect example of a someone who loves to give us quick tasks that would really get in their way. Instead of letting these pesky tasks pile up and stop them from bringing in the big bucks they pass off these unwanted nasties to us. One such example was a little research task that didn't take longer than a hour for us to complete but that would have really put a spanner in their well oiled work day. 

We are a bunch of task warriors so we do so much more than the examples given but we can't list everything. If you want to learn more please feel free to contact us.